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OctoNeu Nigeria

Brand Design, Web & Mobile App. Development for SISW Nigeria

SISW Nigeria ( Save Invest, Spend Wisely Nigeria); is a savings/investment platform that provides financial/business advisory services for individuals, SME’s and Govt. organisations.

Their aim is simply to see their customers financially free, independent and be able to create wealth seamlessly in the Nigerian and West African economy.

Due to the highly competitive target market, it’s wise for SISW to take a concrete and well defined digital route to achieve its vision.
Our design and development team took time to create a fit for purpose brand system, web development and mobile application to help them operate efficiently.

We at OctoNeu carried out the project from start to finish being customer-centric and paying attention to SISW competitors so we can meticulously build a unique selling proposition for our client.
Below are the project deliverables.

Logo design.
Business card design.
Brand guide development.
Website Development.
Android App. Development.
Survenir development and design.

See project gallery below :

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